Josh was raised in Grand Haven Michigan, and spent his early adult years between the Midwest and Southern California. He moved to New York City in 2007. 

Jenna grew up in New York's Hudson Valley. She moved to Manhattan in 2007 when she began studying photography at The School of Visual Arts. 

Prior to her move, Jenna had her tarot cards read by her grandmother. In the reading she claimed Jenna would wind up with a Midwestern guy with unique colored hair. Jenna never expected this to come true. 

In April of 2008, Josh posted an ad on Craigslist (he claims it was a half joke) to which Jenna responded. They officially met on April 7th, 2008 at Astor Place in Manhattan. 

Quickly after meeting, they started living in their first apartment together in the East Village. Since then, they have resided in Brooklyn and are currently in their fifth apartment together as a couple. 

After Jenna graduated college they adopted their pitbull Daisy. Josh wasn't thrilled about this at first but can't imagine life without her now. 

During the course of their relationship, they both have worked many jobs. Josh has been a retail worker, a custom paint maker, a department manager, and finally a construction supply sales representative. Jenna interned at both a gallery and a museum, was an Executive Assistant, a photographer for an antique gallery, a self employed nanny and a freelance photographer. 

Together, they enjoy spending time camping, hiking and riding their bikes. Jenna thinks Josh is crazy for not liking the beach. Josh considers Jenna "broken" for her love of olives. 

Jenna's favorite things about Josh include his strong work ethic and his quick wit. She accepts that he's often right, and knows he's incredibly smart. Josh says Jenna is cool, outgoing and creative. He acknowledges her creativity is a perfect balance to his knowledge. 

At their wedding, Josh and Jenna are going to legally take Josh's original last name, Herzog, together.